Monday, June 27, 2011

A Few Changes

You may have noticed a few changes to this blog. The biggest change is to the name. The name change is to reflect a bit of a shift in focus. But, the destination is the same.

Why the change? Well, to be honest, I have decided that I don't like a strict macrobiotic diet although I do like many of the foods that it includes. I don't want to remake myself to fit a diet structure. I want a diet -- a lifestyle -- that molds to fit me. Trying -- and miserably failing -- at macrobiotics only added to my stress and that is the complete opposite of what I was trying to achieve. So, healthy diet --yes. Strict macrobiotics--no.

Also, I found that I had things I wanted to talk about that weren't fitting neatly into my blog. That's rather silly. Either I bore you to tears with post after post of whining about macrobiotics not working for me or about how mean my trainer is (and he isn't really THAT mean!), or I didn't have much to share! Clearly, I needed to loosen the ties that were binding me and allow myself to be me.

But, the question became, what to call it? I thought "Hoe'ing around" could be cute but really not workable for a web address. So, I spent some time thinking about my little mini-homestead and all the weeds and how far I have to go to get it where I want it. I thought about my life and how I'm far from where I want to be in many ways. And, in all that thinking, I thought of the question children often ask their parents when on a road trip: are we there yet. Children aren't much into experiencing and enjoying the journey. They want one thing: to reach the destination. I don't know about you but I know that my child-like heart still asks God, "are we there yet"? I want to reach the destination. God wants me to enjoy the journey.

My homestead is not quite there yet. Actually, it is just beginning. The garden is mostly depleted soil only fit for growing weeds. The chicken coop is only a twinking in my eye and the rabbitry and beehives are concepts on the site map.  These pictures were taken last October. I'll get some pictures of my weeds...I mean vegetable garden...and of my twigs...I mean fruit trees to post soon.

Future apple/pear orchard
Front of House

Pecan "Grove" aka shady side of house
Sunny side of house

Garden area for vegetables, herbs, and fruit
 My healing journey has not reached it's destination, either. I'm not quite there yet. I'm stronger but still have good days and bad days. I forget to take my supplements and still prefer sweets over whole grains. As for the gym, well, I still think the best part is the sauna.Life is a journey and if

we are wise, we will try to enjoy the journey on the way to the destination. I'll share my journey with you. I hope we both find gems along the way.

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