Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Family Dinner Table

Did you grow up eating at least some, if not all of your meals, around the family dinner table? I did not. My father was definitely the "TV Dinner" Dad even if we weren't eating Swanson's. We even ate Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in the living room in front of the TV. About the only time we ate at the table was when we had guests or were at my grandparents. As an adult, I've tried at various times to cultivate a habit of eating at the table. Something about simply sitting at a table makes the meal more special and something to slow down and enjoy.

When mother brought home the puppies last November, we took down the dining room table and turned this unused space into a puppy pen room. It was not intended to be long term but, well, you know how that goes. Then, roughly 5 months ago, BJ joined our family. He continued to express a desire for us to set up the dinner table and eat "as a family".

Table legs painted a fresh coat of red.

Well, today, he brought this desire to fruition. He retrieved the table from storage, painted the rusty legs a cheery shade of red, and set it up -- and set it for dinner -- all on the same day he had a six hour project to start/finish. When I arrived home from work today at 4:30pm, it was ready and waiting -- the table and the meal. We sat and shared our day with each other and leisurely enjoyed the food mother had carefully prepared. Dinner was white beans and a pasta dish made with our very own homegrown tomatoes. Delicious! While we ate, a variety of Christian music played in the background. How decidedly lovely! How decidedly "family".

Table set for a special meal.
In a world that is oft times crazy and scary and bewildering, it is nice to come together as a family and re-establish our connectedness and interdependence. What a simple and singularly profound act. We have committed to eat our meals around this table from now on. In this special space of shared meal and shared lives, we build bonds that hold a family together no matter what happens "out there". We may not be "there yet" but this is a most exciting and special part of the journey.

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  1. I too think it is important to share a meal with loved ones and rethink your day. Way to go on homesteading, bringing new people into your family, and getting back to basics!