Friday, August 26, 2011

The Homestead Shrinks

As it turns out, the 50'x177' piece of land long used as a garden does not belong to us. Our homestead is smaller than we thought.

Last weekend, prior to seeing the attorney and finding out that we don't own the property, I met with our neighbors. I learned that they had nothing to do with the incident the week prior in which our neighbor frightened off the gentleman who was plowing the garden space. Not only did they not have anything to do with it, they had no idea what he was talking about. Our meeting was pleasant and encouraging. As four Christians, we were in agreement that what mattered most was to glorify God in all things and avoid taking fellow Christians to court.

Am I angry that I am losing the garden? Honestly, not really. Truth is, I was overwhelmed. I was having a very hard time keeping up. I didn't want to admit that but that is the truth. I am actually relieved and encouraged. Now, I can focus on a smaller area and thus take better care of it. I can still grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit trees and do it much better. The plan is to make mixed garden beds that will be attractive and productive. I've very excited!

In other news: John Boy and I went foraging pears from the neighborhood and came home with a huge cache of pears. No, seriously, we're talking huge! It seems that folks plant pear trees and then either don't have time to harvest them or don't want to bother. They are glad to have someone take them. Amazing!

Mother and I have picked 100 pounds of tomatoes from the u-pick farm. I'll pick more if Hurricane Irene doesn't ruin the remaining crop. Mother has been busy canning. We are developing quite a pantry of canned tomatoes, peaches, pears, soup, and okra.

John Boy and I have also begun getting two copies of the Sunday paper for the coupons so we can build our 3 month pantry. What, a 3 month pantry? Yep. We are working on building a 3 month pantry (food, medical, and household supplies) for "in case of...". After we have a 3 month pantry, we'll begin working toward a 1 year pantry. If you don't have supplies at home to handle a short-term or long-term crisis, you should really consider starting to work in that direction. Seriously. There are lists and instructions on how to build a pantry. Some lists provide a weekly shopping guide that will result in a 1 year pantry at the end of 51 weeks. In a year or so, I hope to have a 1 year pantry...but we aren't quite there yet....

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  1. What a great attitude to take; and your existing homestead will only benefit from it! Good luck to you.