Monday, October 10, 2011

Plant Inventory October 9 2011

Backwoodsjon of Organic Homestead Gardening fame challenged us last week to take a plant inventory of our homestead. He suggested we tally all the permanent plants (trees, bushes, perennials) we have. Even though I had a good idea of what I had, I thought it was a good exercise and a good chance to go out and take measurements to form a more accurate map of the property. This is important for making plans for future plantings and for knowing what food producing plants I have. While I was walking around, I also took note of a few plants I did know names for that are "volunteers" (aka weeds) with potential value.

Here is the result of my walk about yesterday:

Pecans (6) --ranging in size from sapling to old ancient
Oaks (4)
Holly (1)
dogwoods (3)
pine (former "living Christmas tree") (1)
crape myrtle (1)
camellia (1) --largest one I've ever seen...very happy near the septic tank!
Wild Cherry (3 or 4)
pawpaws (2 -did not come out of dormancy, will be receiving replacements)
Japanese Tulip (1)

hydrangea (6)
Azaleas (4)
orleander (1) --highly poisonous! Keep away from animals and humans...Mother loves their flowers
thyme (1)
holly (must be removed--pretty bush in a bad location)
boxwood (1)
old-fashioned rose (it is looking better already after pruning off the dead wood. Will do more when it goes dormant.)
Hansen cherry (1 -awaiting a replacement for the other 4 that did not survive)
forsythia (1 -awaiting a replacement for the other 3 that did not survive)
lilac (1 -awaiting a replacement for the other that did not survive)
rugosa roses (10 -awaiting a replacement for the other 12 that did not survive)

day lilies (lots)
lily (type unknown) (1) --needs to be transplanted as it is lost amongst the hydrangea
hosta (1) --needs to be transplanted as it is lost amongst the hydrangea
Cannas (lots)
pampas grass (being eradicated)
Carolina Willow (1)
purslane (hoping it survived the unexpected plowing)

evening primrose (ditto) 
Red Wood Sorrel (Oxalis rubra)
Smartweed/knotweed ..Persicaria maculate (Lady's Thumb)…

Phyllanthus urinaria, called "Chamber Bitter", which is in the spurge family
Stachys floridana, called "Florida Betony" or "Rattlesnake Weed"

Heliotropium amplexicaule
Diodia virginiana

I had hoped to order blueberries and a few other fruit trees this Fall but with having to pay for a lawyer to get the boundary line question resolved and deed filing costs, that may not happen.

Son and I have a saying now, "the vision in our head is wonderful, it's the accomplishing of it that isn't so simple." But, while we may be be there yet, we are not's just taking more time than we wish it would.

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