Thursday, March 1, 2012

Plant Extra to Feed Others

The chicken tractor is almost finished and Son and I go to the chicken swap Saturday to get our chickens. In a few weeks, we'll have our rabbits. Planting season is upon us and it seems that this year the homesteading plans are kicking into high gear. This is good since the cost of gas is skyrocketing and that will affect the cost of food in the grocery stores. People are also murmuring about the warm winter and how this could be setting us up for a very active hurricane season. All of which serves to remind me that being prepared for whatever poop might hit the fan is important.

If there is an economic, political, or environmental crisis, how will you feed your family? How will you handle a medical crisis if medical facilities are inaccessible? What if the power grid goes does down and will be down for an extended period of time?

I haven't worked out a solution for lose of power -- or water for that matter. It is an aspect of preparedness I still need to work on. I'm doing a little better on the food storage and medical care aspects. We are learning to use coupons to save on the grocery bill for day-to-day supplies and for the stock-up pantry. We started canning last year and will do even more this year. We'll soon be raising our own eggs and meat as well as vegetables, fruits, and herbal medicines.

The growing herbs and making of medicinal powders, tinctures, salves, etc., is an important part of my short- and long-term preparedness plans. I hope to build up a first-aid kit and medicine cabinet that has conventional and herbal medicines for "in case of" situations. First-aid for typical injuries around the homestead and for emergencies caused by...bad weather...and other SHTF scenarios. Other medicinals I want to have on hand are geared toward general good health and healing. 

The plan includes more fruit trees, vines, perennial vegetables, and room for annual vegetables. The intent is to grow enough for eating fresh, canning or otherwise preserving, and having some to share with others. I read often on preparedness sites about how to hide one's food supply or how to protect one's food from others. But, scripture says we trust in the Lord. It also teaches that we don't fail to provide for the poor in the harvest of our crops. I believe as Christians who place our faith and ultimate provision in Christ that we plan and prepare but always with the realization that He looks out for us. As Christians we include in our food and herb growing to have some to donate to a local food pantry or needy families in the church. 

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