Friday, April 3, 2015

Lionesses Working Together

I took this week off to use up leftover vacation time from last year and to get some much needed Spring chores done. It has been a beautiful week weatherwise -- 70's in the day, cool evenings so I was energized to get busy on my to-do list. There were rabbits to dispatch and can, there was rabbit manure to move to around bushes and make beds for my annual garden, the garden to plant, and the birdhouses to finish. 

Wednesday, I was focused on getting covers on the birdhouses I had started previously (see previous blog entry). I've tried getting the covering on before by myself without success. I tried hiring someone to help me, without luck. My Pastor quipped "perhaps God is trying to tell you something" which I wasn't sure how to take. My mother offered to assist me. I was concerned that she might hurt herself but I really needed to get this done and it seemed that God has seeing to it that mom and I would be on our own on this.

So, I had three billboard advertising vinyls sized 10ft x 32ft to cover these three kennels. The point was not to completely cover them as birds are healthier if they are not overly sheltered. The aim was to provide shelter from rain, harsh winds, and predators. The smallest one, in the middle, is almost completely covered because it will be the nursery (brooder). The far one will be for the ducks who need the least amount of protection from the weather and the closest one is for the chickens. 
What I did was attached a rope to one 10ft side and pull it up over the top. But, the knot would get stuck in the panels and Mom's job was to stand inside the kennel with my "shepherd's stick" to push up on the knot and other parts of the vinyl that would get stuck. It took some work and cooperation between us but we managed to get it done. Each vinyl was cut into sections to make the best use for covering the kennels. The vinyls were attached with zip ties. The panel covering the front of the small "nursery" kennel is only partly attached as it covers the door so I can just slip under the panel and through the door.

I tried taking a selfie of Mom and I together but it seems I'm not good at the selfie. But, here is a picture of my lovely mother and Sam the Guardian Cat. Whereever we are in the yard, he is nearby standing--or laying--guard. He is actually one of our feral cats, though he has long since forgotten he is supposed to be feral and afraid of people.

Now, back to that comment by my Pastor that God was trying to tell me something by person after person backing out of helping me with this task. Actually, God was trying to tell me three somethings!

Lesson #1: Let your Mother help you. I was worried about her hurting herself but she wanted to try and since I really needed help, I agreed. She was a blessing. We talked about how we were like lionesses (a'la "Lioness Arising") working together. It meant so much to her to be helpful. I felt we bonded on a new level.

Lesson #2: Listen to your Mother. I had it in my mind what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. She ventured to make suggestions. Just as I was about to respond negatively, the Holy Spirit put his hand over my mouth and whispered "listen to her". And, her suggestions were good. Then, I decided to discuss other points of the design that I wasn't sure about to see what she thought. More good ideas. She is actually a pretty smart lady.

Lesson #3: I can do more than I give myself credit for. Perhaps not perfectly but "perfect is the enemy of good" and tends to freeze me like a deer in headlights. Once I break out of that frozen terror, I can manage to get the job done...and if I learn later that an adjustment is needed, I can make the adjustment.

So, the task is done and lessons were learned. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain which will serve as a test of our work. Then, I can get the roosts and nestboxes in the kennels and then the work begins to persuade the birds to use them!

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