Sunday, April 24, 2011

8 Rules to Live By....Official Start to 4 Month "Healing Phase"

Tomorrow marks the start of my 4-month long experiment in Macrobiotic eating for healing. I'm still waiting for the three Dr. Rogers books on macrobiotic for healing but will start with the advice provided in the book "Modern-Day Macrobiotics". While it seems simple enough, it does seem a bit overwhelming in the simple fact that it is such a different way of thinking of food. Some of what I'll be trying to keep in the forefront over the next four months are:

1. Grains--eat a variety and eat about 40% of my diet in grains. This is why I went to the Asian market to get a variety of grains. Now, to work through the simple and yet seemingly complex process of incorporating them into my daily fare.
2. Vegetables--over the next 4 months, I will be aiming at having eaten 30 different vegetables. Since eating in season and locally are also factors (both macrobiotically and my own preference) this will be an interesting challenge. I'll keep a tally here so we can see if I achieve this goal.
3. Sea vegetables--using a variety of these and having some sea vegetable every day. While it is easy to sprinkle dulse flakes on my rice or beans, I need to include other sea vegetables as well. I'll share with you how these get included.
4. Ferments/pickles--I already make kombucha and kefir so that is two ferments. I will also be experimenting (have already started!) with fermenting vegetables. Store bought pickles (vinegar pickled rather than lacto-pickled) are not acceptable. Miso counts..yum. I'll be sharing more about my adventures in the area of lacto-fermentation of vegetables. A small amount of ferment is included in each days menu.
5. Fish. This is be my main source of animal protein to be eaten a few times a week. Salmon and other fish high in Omega 3's will be the main focus. Since mercury is a concern in fish now and I do NOT want farmed fish, I will be trying some fish I have not heretofore tried. Namely, sardines. Alton Brown claims eating sardines and avocados was the magic diet pill he used to lose a LOT of weight. Sardines are also low on the mercury scale and cheap. I'm collecting promising recipes--including one from Alton. This does not mean I will giving up tuna entirely--just that aweful stuff in the can. My tuna will be sashimi grade or not at all.
6. Salt. Very little. Mineral rich sea salt when I use salt at all. My blood pressure will love this. Lacto-fermented vegetables are actually pretty low in salt and are eaten as a condiment not as a side dish.
7. No microwave. Wrong kind of energy. Sounds all Zen Buddist or New Age but actually I got rid of my home microwave a few years ago because of reports that it has a negative effect on our foods and by extention on us. I had been using the microwave at work but will now be using insulated thermoses to keep my food warm.
8. Teas and supplements. Macrobiotics places importance on drinking medicinal teas daily. Which ones depends on what your body needs. This does NOT, unfortunately, include my fav--Chai lattes--sad but true. We are talking about a whole other type of tea--peppermint, dandelion, parsley, bean, etc. Medicinal but not necessarily unpleasant tasting. As for supplements--the regimen I started a few months ago will continue. The only change may be in trying to get a multi that covers some of the vits/minerals. The supplements have been very helpful in rebuilding my body so I am not ready to stop using them--though finding a cheaper route would be very nice.
Omega3 fish oil: 4000mg
Adrenal Rebuilder
Magnesium 1000mg
Intenzyme Forte
Solar D Gems: 4000IU
B12 Sublingual with B6, Folic Acid, Biotin
Vitamin C 2000mg
Taurine: 500mg
Chromium Picolinate: 200mcg
OptiZinc: 30mg
Niacin: 300mg
Vitamin E: 400IU
Selenium: 200mcg
Calcium: 600mg

Geez...8 rules. Now I feel compelled to think of 2 more to have the "Ten Commandments of Macrobiotic" or some such. I resist the urge. I've probably already bore you to tears. Whoever "you" there a "you"? Is anyone reading this?

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