Monday, April 25, 2011

Planting, Family time, and Adjusting to the new plan

My sister, Alisha, wasn't able to join us for Easter lunch yesterday, so today she came over and cooked for us. This meant that I would need to trust her with my food prep and let go of the need for perfection. Breakfast had been oatmeal with tahini with some leftover for another use. Alisha was to come fix lunch. One thing I can tell you, my sister and I take after our mother--we are good cooks! Alisha made al dente green beans and a pesto spaghetti with vegetables and chicken (I was able to avoid the chicken). Dessert was strawberries and banana (mine was without sugar). I had planned on making a carrot soup for my supper but after a day of gardening, I got a late start with the soup. So, change of plan. Dinner was rice, tomatoes, and adzuki beans. I would have perferred the pasta had been whole wheat and the rice brown but today was about family -- lunch with sister and working in garden with mom and BJ. Sometimes, family takes precedence. And, exhaustion and seriously achy muscles and feet also have an effect on choices....

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