Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Macrobiotics?

So, what is Macrobiotics and why am I interested in trying it? You may have heard that several Hollywood Celebs are “doing macrobiotics” and think that may have persuaded me. Wrong. I’m not interested in following the doings of the “Celebs”. As to what it is, “Macro” means “large” and “biotic” means “life”. Thus, macrobiotics means “large life”. It’s original intent was as a healing diet and this is how it has been used over the last 50+ years. Its use of fermented foods and sea vegetables makes it a great diet for drawing heavy metals and other toxins out of the body. Fermented foods and nutrient-rich whole foods are also excellent for repairing and boosting the immune system. This is where my interest was sparked—the healing aspects. I’m carrying a large load of heavy metals and toxins (beginning as a child living in military housing often sprayed with chlordane) and have come to realize just how much it has affected my physical and emotional health for so very long. So, that in a nutshell is why I’m come to want to experiment with macrobiotics.

Does this mean that I’m into the Zen Buddhist philosophy that permeates macrobiotics? Heavens, no! I will not be spouting ying/yang or fung shui idioms on this blog. You won’t hear of me meditating over my bowl of rice to sense its energy. That said, you will hear me talk about balance and energy because these things are unavoidable and evident in our daily life and the world around us. You very well may hear me talk about how this experience brings deeper spiritual healing and draws me closer to the Holy Spirit. We are triune beings just as our Creator is a Triune being. We heal completely when we heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Know you not that we, our physical body, is the temple of the Holy Spirit. God’s children are indwelt by Him. Thus, healing our physical body will strengthen the temple in which The Holy dwells. If you, my reader, are not of the Christian faith, my words are not intended to offend but to enlighten. I will not apologize if my faith offends but rather will encourage you to have an open mind and an open spirit to receive.

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