Thursday, April 28, 2011

When You Fail to Plan....

No, I didn't fail today or fall off the wagon...but it wasn't due to appropriate planning. I need to plan a week in advance or at least a few days or something. Having a plan would definitely help until I get more familiar with the process of putting together meals. Today's meals is what happens when you wait until you are asleep on your feet to prepare the next day's breakfast and lunch. I could blame that on my mother and BJ both wanting to tell me about their days when I arrived home from church. But, do I really want to discourage their desire to include me in their lives? Hardly! No, the failure falls squarely on my tired shoulders.

Okay, so breakfast was: Sprouted Grain Tortilla spread with natural peanut butter and a bit of almond butter. I didn't have a banana so I decided to try a kiwi fruit. So...slice, slice, slice and wrap. Well, it wasn't horrible but I would not recommend it! This breakfast also, so I'm learning, breaking a few macro rules: macro discourages nut butters--something about the fat but I'm still fuzzy on that. Also, fruit is supposed to be limited to a few times a week. I'm having fruit again in the morning so I guess Saturday and Sunday must be fruitless. I'm going to have a hard time adjusting to low quantities of fruits. I do understand that if Candida is a problem, reducing or eliminating fruit is a good thing. But, on the flipside, fruit is nutrient dense as opposed to being just a source of sugar. I'll have to observe and see what level of fruit works well for me.

Lunch: I was ready for lunch...breakfast did not "stick to my ribs". For lunch, I took two sheets of nori, spread them with my Brown, Red, and Black Rice mixture (leftovers), topped with a sardine each, some daikon/carrot pickles, and on one some of the leftover tofu/broccoli mixture I'd had in a wrap yesterday. These were rolled up and sliced sushi style. My bosslady had some packets of soy sauce which she gave me and I declared lunch--almost perfect. Minus the tofu and plus some avocado or cucumber or some such and it would have been better. The sardines were actually good eaten this way--not overpowering at all. Since sardines are excellent sources of Omega-3's, low on the mercury food chain, and cheap I'm hoping to find a number of ways to enjoy them.

Dinner was planned through the afternoon and texted home to BJ and mom to help with. Dinner was supposed to be a baked sweet potato, cabbage and onions, and miso soup. I needed a vegetable meal since breakfast and lunch was sans veggie for the most part. They forgot the sweet potato but did make the cabbage and onions and the broth for the miso soup. I ate the vegetables from the miso soup as a side dish to the cabbage and drank the broth. It was all good but not filling. So, after making tomorrow's breakfast and lunch, I am eating a 1/4 cup of mixed rice with a bit of viniagrette along with a glass of kombucha.

I have been feeling very tired this week. Sleepy tired rather than achy tired. I was thinking it was from the hard gardening of last weekend but I'm not positive. There is the chance it's my body adjusting to the diet. Perhaps I'll read something about this in the books by Dr. Sherry Rogers that I got in the mail. I'm tempted to sleep in tomorrow morning....we'll see....

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