Friday, April 22, 2011

Daikon Radish Ferments

Last night I made pickles. Daikon radish fermented pickles to be exact. Two different types. In 5 to 7 days, I'll know if they are good or not.

The first one is Daikon Radish and Carrot. I use my mandolin to julienne the radish and the carrots. The recipe said to use a food processor to grate them. For one, my food processor is broken (my birthday is in June...hint hint). Second, I thought it would be better to have larger pieces. After julienning the radish and carrots, I added sea salt and pickling spice and a few garlic cloves (more than the recipe called for...I love garlic so sue me). Then, knead the juices out of the veggies. Knead. Knead. and Knead some more. Pack into a quart jar. Emphasis on PACK. Got to get them in there and then as if that wasn't hard enough, push them down enough to make room for the weight. The weight, in my case, is a can of tomato soup (one good use for SAD processed foods!) inside a baggie. There wasn't quite enough juice. I waited until this morning to see if more generated over night. It did but still not enough to cover so I made some salt water and added to the jar. The veggies must be covered in juice or brine. Now, we let the microbes do their thing.

Then, I did the same thing but with a beet instead of carrots. Same process. The fermenting book said that fermented beets get a very thick juice which could be offputting to some (although delicious) so they recommended fermenting beets with other veggies.

The pictures are of the steps in making the first recipe. It seemed redundant to take pictures of both recipes. Hopefully, this is the first of many delicious efforts.

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