Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Journey Begins

Beginning on Resurrection Sunday 2011, I will be starting a journey. A very special journey. A journey exploring the world of Macrobiotic eating. Well, perhaps better described as pseudo-Macrobiotic or "modern" Macrobiotic or living-foods Macrobiotic. No, I'm not as ditzy as I may sound. I am going to document my travels as I learn about eating macrobiotic with lots of living foods and sprouts and a small amount of grass-fed meat when I can get it.

Why the need for a healing journey? Because after giving allopathic doctors the chance to figure out why I've been so sick, I decided to take matters into my own hands with the help of a naturopath and the advice gleaned from Dr. Sherry Rogers' books. With a diet geared to help my body cleanse and heal and lifestyle changes including exercising at Gold's Gym 5 days a week and working on transforming my half-acre property into a mini-homestead to grow food for my family, I'm hoping to see a major change in my physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

In this blog, I'll share the recipes, the experiments in sprouting and fermenting, and all the connected efforts. I'll share what works, what doesn't, and what turns out to be too much of a pain in the backside. Perhaps somewhere in this blog, you will find something that resonates with you and that will help you on your own journey.

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